Tips from a Singapore Florist on How to Buy Get Well Flowers for a Hospital Patient

A lot of people feel better when they receive flowers when they are not feeling well and are either at home recovering or in the hospital. The major advantage that flowers provide is that they help the patients stay happier for longer. This is as compared to the other gifts that someone might get while in hospital.  When you want to send flowers to someone who is not feeling well, here are some tips from Singapore florist on what to check for.

Check the hospital policy

Some hospitals do not allow patients to receive flowers. Other hospitals might allow some patients to get flowers but might restrict flowers to people admitted in certain wards. For instance, there are usually restrictions on flowers for people who’ve just had newborns, or people who are in the burns unit or for people who are in the intensive care unit.

The best thing to do would be to call the hospital and find out if your loved one is in a position to receive a flower gift or not.

Allergy free flowers like roses

Choose allergy free flowers. This is because some people might be allergic to flowers and even if they are not, other patients or people who work in the hospital might have an allergic reaction. This might necessitate that the flowers be taken out.

An example or allergy free flowers are roses, while lilies can cause an allergic reaction due to the fact that its pollen grains are exposed out in the open. The pollen rains in roses are not exposed, making roses a safer bet.

Flowers should be clean

Make sure that the flowers that you send are hygienic. The last thing that you want to do is to send out flowers that are full of germs and bacteria. If the flowers do not look clean, give them a quick wash before you deliver them. Just take care not to destroy the petals when you dump them in water or pour water over them.

Don’t have to change water often

Choose flowers where the water doesn’t have to be changed often. Changing water on a daily basis can be a real drag on the nurses or cleaners. Good examples of flowers that can stay a while without the water being changes are flowers which have woody stems.

Alternatively, you can opt to go for floral foams instead of using a vase. The water in the foam will last a while and it will not need to be changed often.

Small bouquet

Even though it might be tempting to order a huge bouquet from your Singapore florist, a small bouquet will work just fine. A small bouquet is better since it doesn’t take up much space and it can be easily tucked away.

Non breakable vase

Go for a vase that is not breakable. Ask your florist whether they have non-breakable containers, such as a wooden vase, a metallic one or a plastic one. Since there is a flurry of activity with lots of people going in and out, even if the vase falls over, it will not break.

Singapore florist: Having doubts? Rest them now itself!

‘’The miracle of the flower rests in their internal beauty that is life-changing!’’

If you are planning to make someone’s special moment all the more gorgeous and amazingly beautiful, I bet nothing can express emotions better than a bouquet! Those fresh blossoms would not only remind the other person of that special moment but would surely make his or her life brighter and blissful.

Isn’t the beauty of earthy melodies something extremely serene? But you may have a query as to how to ensure that your chosen blooms would be delivered to the concerned person on his or her special day? Let me put a rest to all your queries!

There are multiple retailers as Singapore florist who ensures that your chosen floret in all its beauty is delivered to that special person. But for the new customers who are looking to explore this option, here are your answers!

Queries that you may have: Answering them

Yes. After all, it is your hard-earned money, so having queries is natural. Not to worry! Before you decide to place your order with flowers delivery, your doubts will be clarified.

  1. What kinds of flowers are available?

Well, to your joy, every kind! Starting from specific Singaporean flowers as Ginger flowers to flowers available internationally as Carnations and Orchids, with these online portals, you are just spoilt for choice.

It may so happen that when you are looking for Peony flowers, you may get a set of Bird of Paradise and Anthuriums as well from these online portals. So, you just need not worry about the options!

  1. Can I customize the flower or choose a flower as per my wish?

Oh yes! If you are looking for flowers for arranging your tables or decorating a particular space in a certain manner, you can place your order in that manner, and the delivery would be made accordingly!

I had to attend a funeral and had placed an order online. A perfect cross-shaped bouquet arrived at my doorstep. So, with flowers delivery service online you can get flowers as per your choice!

  1. Are there any additional benefits available?

Surely at times! In case of special offers, you may land up getting a set of extra flowers than the ones that you have placed an order for regarding goodwill. How exciting would that be, if you get a basket of orange Anthuriums along with a basket of white lilies that you had placed an order for.

Also, these online portals have special basket offers where you can get two baskets in one set. Do look out for those offers while ordering. The combinations are just too splendid!

  1. Is the flowers delivery on time?

Definitely! Make sure that you put in the details correctly and especially mention the date, and they will never fail you!

  1. What is the cost of such flowers and how will I pay?

Firstly, let me tell you that these are extremely affordable! Also, keep your eyes open, because there are number of festive offers available. You will not be disappointed!

The payment is made by using Debit and Credit cards along with PayPal. Secure isn’t it?

  1. Are they really worth the effort?

Just order your first bouquet and ask the concerned person post-delivery! They are totally worth your money! Most importantly, there cannot be an alternative when special occasions as birthdays and anniversaries are concerned!

What are you still wondering? Hurry and explore your floral options with Singapore florist! You can be assured of getting quality products in the floral domain with professional florists.