Exceptional Options for Keeping the Beer Cool Now Open

In the country, beer is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages (although, remember, it is essential to consume it with wisdom) … But contrary to popular belief, with 30 liters of beer consumed per year and per capita last year, France is not one of the countries in Europe that consume the most (unlike Belgium and Germany).

In any case, whether commercial or craft, blonde, brown, red, white, amber, with or without collar, in a glass or directly to the can, it’s true that a good cold beer, it always happy!

But it is not because we are amateur (or amateur) hops that we necessarily know everything about beer! With the Custom Stubby Holders the options get better.


No bottle opener on hand?

When you want to enjoy a beer in a can, nothing worse than to realize that we lost the bottle opener! To be able to still enjoy his beer, there are many techniques of fortune: with the teeth, with an alliance, or with a lighter. But here’s a tip that’s 100% effective and safe: unclog your beer can with a sheet of A4 paper! To do this, simply fold the sheet 4 times in the direction of the width and once in the direction of the length, in order to make a minilevier that one will place under the capsule and push it up until that she go away.

Cool your beer in 10 minutes

When we forgot to put the beer pack in the fridge and we want a cold beer, we often think of putting it in the freezer to cool it faster. Indeed, it is faster than if it was put in the fridge, but it still takes time. If the aperitif starts in 10 minutes, here’s a quick tip to refresh your beer in express: place it in the freezer, but wrapped in moistened paper towel. It will cool much faster, and will be cool in just 10 minutes!

Ice cubes of beer

Drinking a beer at room temperature is rarely a success. But if ours has warmed up a bit, it’s better to avoid putting ice cubes in it: the water will dilute in it and considerably alter the taste. To refresh a little beer without compromising it, you can place special ice cubes: ice cubes made with beer! And yes: the next time we have trouble finishing our beer, instead of throwing it or forcing it, we pour it into an ice bucket that we will place in the freezer. Result: we quickly get ice cubes that will be perfect for refreshing our beer!

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