How To Keep Your Home Clean

Is Your Home Always Clean?

In a home where there are a lot of habitants; children, adults sometimes even extended family member it is important to know how to actually maintain the cleanliness of your house in order to preserve structure and organization at all times. During certain moments of your day or week it may be impossible to uphold a truly clean home, but we have some handy tips that will ensure that your home is always presentable. Even though your home may be far from perfection, or far from what you may visualize as the ideal “perfect home”. Over the years a home owner will usually learn tips and tricks on how to keep their home organized and clean most of the time.

Have A Realistic Cleaning Routine

There must be some things that you do on a regular basis, whether it be weekly, monthly or daily. Ensure that it is consistent as well as realistic and most importantly you stick to that routine. Speaking for myself on Mondays and Fridays I do all of the laundry in the home. I chose Mondays since I it is the beginning of the week for me and I like to get everything out of the way and start a fresh week before Tuesday hits. I do my laundry on Friday again as I am preparing myself ahead of time for the weekend and getting things out of the way so that I have less chores to complete on the Saturday and Sunday. On Tuesdays, depending on the situation with the children (how well they slept during the night) I try to wake up as early as six in the morning to get ready and start the cleaning process with my bathroom.  I then wake the children around six forty-five in order to take their showers, brush their teethes and get them dressed and ready for school. By seven forty-five they have all eaten are ready to take the bus to school. Around nine on most Tuesdays I officially start my cleaning routine! Since my bathroom was already cleaned in the morning I go ahead and sweep the whole house from top to bottom to then mop the house as well. I then go into individual rooms and make the beds, put the toys away, clear the book shelves, clean around the windows, dust the picture frames. I then move to the kitchen where I put all the dishes in the dish washer, clean the counter tops, put away any food that was left behind. I move on to the living room and dust the screens as well as the couches, the picture frames. I clean the center table and around the windows. I clean the storage room as well and ensure that nothing is left around that shouldn’t be there. I take all the trash from the house and put it outside for garbage day tomorrow. Finally, all is clean I can now start my day!


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